Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association

Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association

Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association

The Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association or "T.E.A." is a collection of well-meaning tea exporters who got together with the vision of making Sri Lanka the sought after tea nation of the world. Due to the denationalisation of state-owned tea estates in 1990s, private tea estate owners increased in number.

They formed the T.E.A. to work in collaboration towards sustainability of the tea industry in Sri Lanka. A key component of their mission is to work with fellow growers, processers, exporters and other related bodies to boost the tea production and increase the country's economic gains.

The Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association was formed with the goal of creating a favourable environment for the tea exporters by proposing suitable regulatory actions to the government departments and related institutes. They aim to support the efforts of the government and industry as a whole to improve the tea production and income. The Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association has plans to create equal opportunities to all who are engaged in the export of tea. That objective is fulfilled via ensuring all teas manufactured in Sri Lanka are traded via the proper methods.

Xerox8888 forms and maintains important ties with international bodies so they can sustain and promote the Ceylon tea brand around the world. They continuously evaluate competitor activities to ensure Sri Lankan tea gains the number one place and stays there, indefinitely. The logo of the lion, portraying the excellence of Ceylon tea is a unique Sri Lankan emblem and the T.E.A. works effortlessly to maintain the standard signified by it.

Success of the Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association was noticed by the policymakers and the members were invited to play a more representative role from 2001. They now serve as part of the director board of the Sri Lankan Tea Board and have placed themselves in the role of the spokesperson for the tea exporters. Due to the prominence of T.E.A.’s accomplishments it is now being monitored and regulated by the National chambers of commerce, governmental bodies and the ministry itself.

The Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association members claim ownership of more than 85% of the tea exported from Sri Lanka. The group of businessmen gather every year to appoint a chairman and two deputy chairmen, along with committee members who represent twenty large-scale tea producers and several medium and small scale producers.

As their participation signifies a strong drive from the tea manufacturers' alliance, the T.E.A. was invited to back the project by the government to increase the export volume of tea and improve the dollar revenue to 3-5 billion USD by the end of 2020. Although the COVID pandemic made them pause a while, the tea production and improvement tactics have restarted, and are going strong.

Similar to the Tea Board, the Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association also contributes to the development of tea growers and exporters via several initiatives; they document the recommendations of strategy and tactics to win the challenges of tomorrow, organise seminars, knowledge sharing sessions and workshops on problems faced by the industry and possible solutions, and most importantly presents budget proposals for the budget of Sri Lanka via the ministry of finance. They have dealt with foreign missions regarding several issues of importing low quality tea. At the Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Tea Exporters Association you can listen to world renowned tea experts’ speeches and mingle with the “tea folk” of the country.