Tea & Health


Tea and Health – Medicinal Properties of Tea

Ceylon black tea is also closer to the heart. It reduces the possibility of heart diseases. Yet again, the antioxidants “Thearubigins” and “Theaflavins” help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body thus making the blood vessels clearer and helping to keep a normal level of blood pressure. It is also speculated that antioxidants can help with decreasing tumor sizes.

Green tea gained the centre stage for its medicinal properties and the Sri Lankan green tea is very strongly flavoured and darker green in colour, which is preferred by most green tea lovers. It is also brimming with the antioxidants which are only moderately present in black tea. Green tea is known to work wonders on your metabolism and help to burn unwanted fat in the body.

Green tea is believed to help with improving oral health and killing viruses and bacteria which causes gum diseases, throat problems and bad breath. It facilitates improved brain functions, thereby possibly decreasing the risks of nerve disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

White tea - silver and golden tips- which is the most expensive variety of tea sold at the Colombo tea auction, is also known for its medicinal properties. White tea is the unopened tea leaves, also known as “buds” and it is subjected to minimum processing therefore it is one of the healthiest teas available to consumers. Theanine, an Amino acid is known to be present in this tea and it can calm your nerves and reduce depression. White tea comprises of large quantities of fluoride which is a blessing for the teeth. Two more components - Tannins and Catechins – also are helpful to fight sugar and acid which are harmful to the teeth. Silver and golden tips of white tea contain the lowest caffeine levels compared with all other tea varieties. It is therefore an ideal beverage for someone who wants to limit their caffeine intake.

Tea is infused with many herbs and spices by tea-lovers in different regions. Such tea brings in better health properties with the additives; for e.g. chamomile tea gives a hand in reducing muscle spasms and menstrual pain. It reduces stress thereby improving relaxing feelings and sleep. Ginger is a common addition to tea in Sri Lanka as well as in Asia. Known for its own medicinal properties, Ginger is used to treat indigestion and joint pains, and also helps with nausea, colds and flu.

A tea is not only gives a quick boost but also improves the health in a significant manner.